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There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your own idea comes to fruition and working for yourself. It is possible, but only if you break down this enormous task into bite-sized pieces. And admit that no man is an island, so always assemble a team of good cofounders and advisors to help make things happen or guide you along the way.

I have built several businesses since 2008 but I would admit that the most successful one that I have built is this one, as I love what I do, bringing value to the table and having cofounders who are also my friends who believe in The first one I did was a blogshop e-commerce business that lasted for 1 and a half years with my friend from the NUS Overseas College programme. (NOC) We basically help Singaporeans (US Shopaholic) to buy US-brands that are not available in Singapore or are available locally but at a higher price. I shipped 22 boxes of items, ranging from luxury bags to high street fashion apparel. It was when I discovered my passion, that is to serve customers and help them achieve what they want. It was kind of successful, with transaction value of over thousands a month and profit of more than US$500 a month.

The next business I started with a few NOC alum was the Singapore chapter of Startup Leadership Programme, a 6-month non-profit, non-equity accelerator programme for entrepreneurs in their initial stage of business to get to the next stage. It was a side hustle for me, helping 25 entrepreneurs to figure their next step and bring their business to the next stage. The businesses range from instagram photo printing to marketplace for home services. With no budget, we had 80 over applications for the programme and selected 25 who paid S$600 for the programme (course materials etc). I networked and brought onboard over 50 mentors who are serial entrepreneurs (Darius of, Hugh Mason of JFDI, Hoong-An of Hungrygowhere and Gwen Regina Tan etc) and venture capitalists to bring each lesson to life. However, we only finished one run as none of us could continue the second one due to our full-time job commitments. We managed to help one raise money and the others continued building their business to the next stage.

Much of my career over the past 11 years has been around helping startups to solve problems, overcome business challenges and raise money. The most successful kind of entrepreneurs I have worked with are those who work on ideas that are relevant to their day job (as they understand the problems and have built a network of contacts) or ideas that they are passionate about.

Whether you are at the idea stage or planning to raise money, let my team and I help you get to the next stage. Book a free consultation here now.

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