Mentorforhope FAQs

FAQs on TWO complimentary mentoring sessions

What is the Criteria?

  1. A: You need to have a business registered in Singapore
  2. A: Your business is affected by COVID-19

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2. Why are there complimentary 1 on 1 mentoring sessions now?

A: This is because our #MentorForHope program has secured backing from Temasek Trust by way of successful application to the oscar@sg fund.
For every dollar donated by the public towards the #MentorForHope programme, the grant will match with a dollar, up to a cumulative target threshold. The grant will enable the initiative to provide up to 850 hours of additional complimentary mentoring sessions to startups whose business has been affected by COVID-19. 

We still need public donations to continue providing complimentary mentoring sessions, please share our campaign at so that more people will be aware and donate.

3. If I have donated SGD 50 earlier and haven’t had my mentoring session, do I get 3 hours of free mentoring now?

A: Yes, if you qualify, you will get 3 mentoring sessions with our mentors.

4. How long is each mentoring session?

A: 60 minutes long to maximise benefit from the session.

5. What do I do after I sign up on

A: Just wait for our email, then join Futurelab and we will pair you with a mentor(s) in the evening.

6. What happens when Mentor for Hope initiative ends on 16 June 2020?

A: Our month long program of mentoring and legal clinic ends on 16 June 2020. But we may continue to run masterclasses beyond 16 June. And our Linkedin Group and SG Founders slack group will remain active.

Our partner, Asia Institute of Mentoring, is running a three-month mentoring program from July 2020. Feel free to join the program at

7. Do I get to benefit if my business is based outside of Singapore?

A: Yes, you can donate SGD 50 to our beneficiaries at to one 60min 1 on 1 mentoring session as well as other benefits such as free 2 months access to and group mentoring sessions.

8. I understand that each mentoring session is 60 minute long, what if I have only utilised 30 minutes in my earlier session?

A: We will make an exception this time to pair you with a mentor for 30 minutes. Please book all future mentoring sessions with a duration of 60minutes. Email us here to let us know that you have only done 30 minute mentoring session earlier.

9. How do I get paired with a mentor?

A: We will pair you up with a mentor(s) on Futurelab. Futurelab is where it all happens. Please do not reach out to mentors via other platforms such as Linkedin.

10. Why I can’t request to meet a mentor on Futurelab now? I could do it before.

A: We will be pairing you with a suitable mentor(s) from our end instead. We may match you with the mentor(s) whom you requested at sign up if they are relevant.

11. What if I haven’t indicated my business’ country of registration or if my business has been affected by COVID earlier at sign up?

Please do so on (if your name is not there, there is no need to do anything for now)

12. Does my business’ Headquarter needs to be based in Singapore to qualify?

No, as long as there is a legal entity in Singapore, and the business has been affected by COVID, you qualify for the TWO free mentoring sessions.

13. What if I have further questions?

A: Email us here