Mentor for Hope (For Mentors)

Join us to build a closer startup community and grow startups across Asia



What is Mentor for Hope?

Mentor for Hope is a community mentoring program that aims to help provide quality mentorship to startup founders based in Asia.

Through the program, aspiring entrepreneurs and founders will receive access to our supportive network, 1 on 1/group mentorship, masterclasses.

Mentor for hope initiative is 100% volunteer-led. We do not receive any payment from the program fee.
We are currently planning for the relaunch of season 2 in late Nov 2020.

How it works

All you need to do is to pledge at least 1 hour per month to mentor a founder. You only need to commit the first four mentoring sessions.
These founders are building an early stage tech company and across various industries.
Mentoring Guidelines
  • We will be matching founders to suitable mentors from our end.
  • When we recommend a founder to you, do evaluate his or her background for relevance (based on industry or areas of advice requested etc.) and your availability before accepting the request.
  • After the mentoring session, please provide us with your feedback via a survey. It is up to you to schedule future sessions with the same founder by there is no obligation to do so.
  • Each mentoring session is typically 1 hour long.
  • We will share relevant details on the company, such as the business description, stage of the company and business canvas/ presentation deck prior to the mentoring session.

Who will you be helping?


Founders from underserved industries such as social enterprise and medtech. 


We have researched and consulted intensively and identified industries which lack access to funding and resources. With your help, we can help to bridge the gap and level the playing field so that meaningful businesses may nurture and grow.

We are currently in the midst of planning for season 2 of the program and will open up for mentor registration in late Nov 2020.

Join us

Email us at to join the mentorship network.