Mentor for Hope (For Founders)

Mentor for Hope is a community mentoring program that aims to help provide mentorship to startup founders based in Asia.

Through the program, aspiring entrepreneurs and founders will receive access to our supportive network, 1 on 1/ group mentorship, masterclasses.

Mentor for hope initiative is 100% volunteer-led. We do not receive any payment from the program fee.
We are currently planning for the relaunch of season 2 in mid-late Nov 2020.



“Thanks for doing this! I want to see Singapore bloom as a startup hub that creates firms that move and shake the world!”

“Keep up the good work.”

“Loving the initiative and this generates the sense of support from investor to passionate community
Thank you”

“Looking forward to participate
Thank you so much for organizing this. It makes us founders feel less alone”

“It’s good and hope this program continue.”

“This is a very meaningful initiative, leveraging the experts across the field to render practical helps to struggling start-ups! Well done!”

“It looks great so far. Thank you for organizing this.”

“I am really thankful and appreciative for this initiative that Elise and her team has put together! Thank you for this especially when we are in unprecedented times. Please stay safe and take care amidst this uncertain time too!”

“This is a great initiative – thanks for having the startup community in mind during these uncertain times!”

“Hoping to learn!”

“Meaningful initiative!”

“Thanks so much for this initiative, it’s great!”

“Be happy to contribute my time to help more local student entrepreneurs”

” I think it is an excellent initiative during this period and I’m really thankful for the opportunity. I wish there was a longer duration where we can engage with the mentor a lot more often but I’m really thankful for their time.”

“I would really hope to get the chance as I think it’s very meaningful to help businesses that suffer during this harsh time”

“This initiative has helped us a lot so far!”

“Thanks for the initiative. Appreciate your effort. I want to get funded for my startup.”

“This is very helpful and your generosity of time and support is much appreciated.”

“Thank you for putting this together! πŸ™πŸ’ͺ🏻Keep it up, will pass the favour forward somehow :)”

“It is a great initiative that helps to serve two causes at the same time. Looking forward to more of such initiatives to help founders connect with much-needed mentors!”

“Nice initiative. I’m looking forward to the mentoring and interaction session.”

“Thank you to you guys and the Mentors for having great hearts and Empathizing with Startup Founders.”

“Great idea and appreciate the support from the Singapore Startup Community.”

“Nice to be connected with Founders. It’s a wonderful initiative, thanks for doing this!”

“This initiative is very helpful, and I hope it’s ongoing.”

“I think the idea of having consultation to donation is a great way to tackle the covid with some positivity. If you have any other way for us mentees or founders to contribute, I’d love to do that by just resharing on LinkedIn for example (though numbers might spike). Nonetheless, great job!”

“We are grateful and appreciate so much such an initiative of sharing and solidarity. We hope could optimize this program to move forward and thrive through this crisis time and beyond.”

“Keep spreading hope and be kind to help other businesses!”

“Brilliant idea!

“Continue to expand the scope of help …”

“Its an amazing initiative! Would be honoured to be part of it, and pay it forward.”

“Thank you for putting together such a wonderful initiative!”

“Good initiative to help us focus and route on achieving goal.”

“Overall I love the idea. Thanks for organizing such an amazing activity.”

“Keep on going! :)”


“I think it’s a great initiative! Kudos to the organising committee, thank you for doing this :)”

“I think it is a fantastic initiative that is very valuable to the local startup community. Thank you, and great work!”

“I am very keen to be involved and learn more knowledge and skills from the professionals & masters.”

“Appreciate this initiative that will go on to help many in need.”

“Excellent initiative!”

“Good Initiative, hoping something positive comes out of it.”

“Thank you Elise & Team! Appreciate the effort! It’s great!”

“Great Initiative.”

“It’s a great initiate. Kudos!”

“Thanks for putting this together. Being a founder is a lonely journey, and at times like this, it gets even lonelier with not many people understanding what we go through, or what we have to do, perhaps other than our peers. So it’s good to have a go-to group to go, if not for anything else, to just share our trials and tribulations and formulate possible pathways to survival, if not success. So yes, thanks again. Oh and please let me know how I can contribute too. Happy to mentor/chat with other founders too who are much earlier in their development phase.”

“Thank you for this wonderful initiative! I think it’s great and Im looking forward to participating!”

“Keep up the good work. It’s a great initiative!”

“This is amazing! what an incredible idea, great group of VCs, and win-win for both us entrepreneurs and for those less fortunate than us. I have already shared the LinkedIn post to all my friends/entrepreneurs in the region. Thank you thank you thank you!”

“This is a great initiative at this trying times especially for startups. Help startups survive!”

“Thank you and good luck to us all.”

“Kudos to the Gratitude team for being concerned about the startups like us struggling hard to scale up and rise. Looking forward to get benefited and hope others will too.”

“This is a great platform to provide companies like ours with the right mentors to help navigate through these uncertain times.”