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At Gratitude, we believe in diamonds in the rough. If you have already started a business but would like to bring it to the next stage, you have come to the right place.

We recognise that 1 in 10 businesses fail and most may have failed because they may not executed it well, lack the right contacts or networks. There are many considerations and to-dos when you are running a business and no man is an island.

The Gratitude team comprises experienced entrepreneurs and working professionals who have spent more than 10,000 hours each in our area of expertise. We will be able to help you refine your business, address potential gaps, grow and convert leads, raise angel/ seed funding and even make hires — All to bring your business to greater heights.

To start improving your business, simply book a 15-min call with us. Over the call, we will assess your idea and share the gaps that you need to address in order to make it even better. It is that simple.

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What Our Customers Say

“The team at Gratitude provided great feedback on my investor deck as well as helped me understand how investors really think. They gave me much needed insight on pitching to investors and fundraising.”

Theodoric Chew, Co-founder,

“I was fundraising for months until I got help from Elise. I managed to raise my pre Series A funding led by a well known Silicon Valley VC – through the investor introductions made.
Elise spent time with me to understand our business and offering, and helped plug us into the right tech / VC ecosystem.”

Dennis Susay, CEO, Gmedes

“I’ve been working with Elise and her team at Gratitude for a few weeks. They helped me to identify key metrics for product success as well as provided useful insights on how to better manage my runway and prepare for fundraising. Their initiative to match mentors with startup mentees is also a great way for us to get more support over the challenging times.”

Xinyan, Founder, Yoripe

Let’s make your idea happen now.


  1. Why the name Gratitude?
    • We are basically a group of passionate startup supporters and investors. We invest our time (as advisors) or funding into seed stage companies by syndicating among ourselves and other experienced angel investors.
  2. Is Gratitude selective towards the kind of companies you support?
    • Yes unfortunately we are unable to accommodate all the companies which inquire as we want to make sure that we have the relevant experience and skill set to help. Our criteria is as follows:
      • Founder(s) with relevant background to the industry that the product/ service is in
      • Founders with ambition and a resourceful and coachable attitude.
      • (We are sector agnostic)
  3. Why is the consultation free?
    • The Gratitude team is made of experienced professionals who are passionate about nurturing meaningful businesses. It gives us great satisfaction to meet people like you who desire to build a business and make an impact in the world. We are willing to invest 15-min of our time in you, for free. We guarantee you that there is no strings attached. Book a free 15-min consultation now.
  4. If I share my business information with you, would it be stolen by you?
    • We operate with professionalism and your business information will be treated as highly confidential.
  5. What happens during the 15-min call?
    • We will first, understand your business further and give you feedback on the gaps in the business. We will also share possible next steps with you, such as how to validate your idea further or acquire more partners/ customers.
    • There is no strings attached and no obligation to proceed further than this.
  6. What happens after the call?
    • It depends on you. If you want to start addressing your gaps and create a viable business, work with us on the next steps. We generally prefer to work with ‘coachable’ entrepreneurs who hustle.
  7. Do you charge for the subsequent calls/ meetings?
    • After the first call, if you wish to work with us further, we will create a step by step plan to help you improve your business over a period of 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month or more. We usually work as partners and take advisor shares but it depends on the depth of engagement. The duration of our support is up to you and depends on the stage of your business. Some people have already started working on their business for a while and have some customers so we may need to work with them only on something specific, such as preparing for fundraising. Some are only at an earlier stage and they may work with us over a longer period.
    • Ready to start? Book a free 15-min consultation now.
  8. How soon can I start my business?
    • It depends, everyone has a different journey. But we are here to accompany you on your journey and make it a fulfilling one. To start now, book a free 15-min consultation.
  9. Why should I work with Gratitude?
    • An experienced team with relevant expertise who can help you with every step of the way to build your business into an even better one.
    • Gain access to a network of over 1,000 Venture capitalists and angel investors across South East Asia, Europe and USA.
    • Flexible partnership models
  10. What does Gratitude help with?
    • This list is not exhaustive:
      • Idea validation
      • Minimal viable product
      • Business Plan
      • Digital marketing
      • Leads generation
      • Business development
      • Co-founder conflict
      • Talent sourcing and hiring
      • Applying to accelerator programmes such as Antler and Entrepreneur First
      • Preparing for angel or seed or Series A round
    • Ready to take the first step? Book a free 15-min consultation now.
  11. What stage of the business does Gratitude specialise in?
    • We are a team of experienced professionals and entrepreneurs and our support specialises in early stage. Early stage refers to any business with a company with less than 50 people, with revenue of less of US$2 m and/or operating for less than 3 years. Beyond these, we are still happy to help but we will be honest about our limitations. Book a free 15-min consultation now.
  12. How do I get Gratitude to invest in my idea?
    • Start working with us. Help us understand how you work and the person you are. If we work well together, we will consider investing in your idea. Even if we don’t invest, we can also point you in the right direction for your fundraising.
  13. What if I’m not ready to start a business yet?
    • It’s okay if you are not ready right now, and it is okay just book a free 15-min chat with us. There is no strings attached and we are happy just to be your sounding board.
    • Subscribe to our mailing list, stay in touch and book a free 15-min consultation when you are ready.

Ready to start? Book a free 15-min consultation now.