7 Quick ways to market better with Email


It’s time to hack your email marketing!

One of my favorite email marketers is Look Fantastic. They understand consumer psychology really well and know exactly when to click ‘send’ on the email to their customers. Here’s what they do to me, and made me purchase at least once weekly.

1. Make sure the Basics are done
Sounds like common sense, but the first step is to send customers the emails they expect. Before this can be automated, it is pointless to go into email marketing hacks. Customers need to be able to trust you first and ensuring that they receive the communication such as the account confirmation email, order confirmation email, delivery details email is critical.

2. Be Approachable 
Where possible, use an email address which your customer service attends to so that if any customer reply via that email address, someone attends to the email. It annoys me when I reply to the email, only to get an error message. According to Quicksprout, this allows you to connect you with your customers and “connecting them on an emotional level is important because if you do, they will be 300% more likely to recommend you.”

3. Email the customer about New Promotions right after they order

Look Fantastic knows that customers are 300% more likely to repurchase after each order as they are on a high after buying. Hence, Look Fantastic would include products that the customer would likely order in the order confirmation email, like this:

Or they would email voucher codes to you a couple of days after your order to prompt another purchase:

4. Remind a customer about the items in their basket

Sounds dumb but a little push is enough to increase your sales by 13%, according to Shopify.

And, according to Baymard Institute, a web research company in the UK “67.45% of online shopping carts are abandoned.” 67% is a huge number and if your average order is 100 dollars, that means you are losing 6,700 dollars every 3,300 dollars worth of orders are made on your website. Imagine doubling your earnings by reminding the customers to check out.

I love what Shopify advocate on their website, which is also used by Look Fantastic.

You create a series of 1-3 emails that will get sent out to that shopper at set intervals after they have abandoned the cart and left your site.

The emails should include:

  • Pictures of the item they selected
  • Reviews or testimonials from other shoppers
  • Guarantee and refund policy information
  • A strong call to action to get them back to your site

Timing the emails:

  • 1st email – should go out within 24 hrs
  • 2nd email – send within 2 days
  • 3rd email – send within 1 week

Sample Results

By using shopping cart recovery emails BlueMonkey was able to recover 13% of their abandoned orders within days of the campaign starting.

Here’s what Look Fantastic send me:


5. Email the customer if their promo code fails to work

Yes the email marketing hacks go into as much detail as this. Each customer’s action on your website should prompt a reaction in order to increase their propensity to purchase.

I tried a promo code on Look Fantastic but it didn’t work. The next time I check my inbox, I got this email from them. Firstly, I will look through the list of offers they list in the email, and buy something if I am interested in something on the list. Secondly, it helps keep them on top of mind for me and the next time I thought of buying a beauty/ makeup product, I think of them.


6. Engage customers often and in a personalised way

Look Fantastic email every other day with promotions and voucher codes to engage them. You can create variety by creating newsletters, blog posts as well. The key is to keep it top of mind for your customers so that they always turn to you for buying the products you offer.


7. Ask for Reviews

Last but not least, one of the most powerful hacks is asking for reviews. It kills two birds with one stone. Good reviews on products on your website increases the propensity of customer buying the product(s) and it uses Social Proof to show customers that your website is highly visited. Working on their herd instinct works. Secondly, it also reminds your customer to visit your website again to buy more. Again, keeping your brand top of mind.

I actually went to buy a new product after giving a good review for my recent purchase. Perhaps I was feeling good after giving the review and subconsciously want to experience the ‘high’ again with a new purchase.


So here are the 7 effective email hacks you can try on your business. Let me know your comment/ question in the comment box below!

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