Mentor for Hope


Bringing hope from ground up

Mentor for Hope is a ground up initiative founded in April 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, to bring hope to the startup community. We help startup founders across Asia and other parts of the world to receive advice and resources to tide over the crisis.

Dedicated to Positive Change

Our vision is to bring the Asia startup community closer together and help startup founders, particularly from underserved industries, succeed and grow their business more quickly. Through our mentorship program, founders will gain access to high quality mentors who can provide advice, resources and open doors to potential partners, customers and investors.


We will be launching season 2 of the program in late Nov 2020.


In Season 1 of the program, we also fundraised a total of S$43,000 for two charity organisations, Beyond Social Services and Willing Hearts Soup Kitchen in May/June 2020.

250 Mentors                  300 Startups

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